one of the most popular beach destinations in Iran is Kish Island. Each year the beauty of Kish Island is in a way that it attracts about 2 million tourists and visitors come to Iran to visit that pearl in the Persian Gulf.

Kish Island is known for its financial and touristic situation and is one of the significant free zones in Iran.

This island supplies his income based on the tourism industry and trading.

Many kinds of hotels and residents exist on this island and they are at a different range of price, quality, and services. So, passengers have large options to choose their appropriate place to stay.

As mentioned above there are different level hotels in the kish, let us say about 5 stars hotels which enjoy luxurious and modern accommodations. Almost all facilities are free and available in the hotel. Some of these 5 stars hotels benefit from a private beach. Also, some sea enjoyments and sports are provided for guests.

Some of the famous and modern hotels in kish are Toranj , Dariush, Marina park hotel. It totally depends on you how do you want to have your trip.

Let us start with five-star hotels in Kish or as we could call luxury hotels in Kish. As it was already mentioned, the whole Island enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and modernity so the presence of many luxury hotels in Kish is not something strange. They provide their guests with everything available in a hotel with the same grade and some of them also enjoy a private beach and their guests could also take benefit from this advantage.

There are many kinds of hotels on this lovely island, like 4 stars hotels and some cheaper and lower grades hotels, also traditional hotels could be seen on the island. Based on your needs and interests you could choose.

Three-star hotels in Kish are ready to serve some visitors who prefer economic trips. Most of them are clean and have a proper geographical location so you stay near important shopping centers and popular tourist attractions of the city.

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