Medical visa

In recent years, due to the low cost of treatment in Iran & medical developments which Iran has been earned in comparison with the other Persian Gulf region, special attention has been paid to Iran by foreigners.

For this reason, a kind of visa is issued called Medical Visa. By having this visa, a foreign patient could enter Iran to get medical services.

Iran Medical Visa

As mentioned above, some people who found that the cost of treatment is too high in their country or their homeland does not have enough facilities to treat them, request for T – visa.

This visa is issued for a specific period of time for the applicant. Depending on the person’s disease this period could be changed. Mostly this kind of visa is issued for 30 days.

How To Apply for This Visa?

First of all you should have IPD letter, but what is IPD?
This word stands for International Patient Department. Some valid hospitals have the IPD section, which this section will issue an invitation letter to introduce you to the ministry of foreign affairs of Iran, this letter refers to this matter that you suffer from some problems and you need to be treated.
For this, you should connect to one of the medical tourism agencies. Ghasran Gasht air travel agency is one of these companies which negotiate with the hospital on behalf of you. Then the hospital will issue IPD letter. you should refer to the Iran embassy which is located in your country and take your medical visa.

  • You should provide and gather all needed medical documents and deliver or scan them for us.
  • If the period of treatment takes time more than what is mentioned in your visa, you should extend your visa.
  • You must pay the cost of T – visa.
  • Also, a valid passport for at least 6 months is necessary.
پاسپورت ایران

Below list is the name of hospitals that have the IPD section and provide medical services for foreigners:

  • Jam Hospital
  • Tehran heart center
  • Shari’ati Hospital–Tehran
  • Atieh Hospital–Tehran
  • Erfan Hospital–Tehran
  • Takht–e Jamshid–Karaj
  • Noor Hospital–Karaj
  • Ghaem Hospital–Gilan
  • Ariya Hospital–Gilan
  • Ordibehesht Hospital–Shiraz
  • Apadana Hospital–Ahvaz
  • Boo’ali Hospital–Hamedan
  • Emam Reza Hospital–Mashhad
  • Emam Ali Hospital–Kermanshah
  • Mehregan Hospital–Kerman