Tehran, the biggest city and the capital of Iran, is the place which the best universities are located in it. Best educational, cultural and medical services are provided in this city. all governmental and diplomatic meetings are hold on Tehran.


Shiraz a city of poets and a home to the graves of Hafez and Sa’di. It’s also home to beautiful gardens, historical mosques and ancient buildings , the major area for tourist is Perspolis, don’t miss there as you get to Shiraz.


Esfahan is known for its Islamic architecture, bridges, palaces, tiled mosques and its minarets. Esfahan also benefits from historical buildings, monuments and artifacts.​


Pearl of the Persian Gulf, kish island , with the area of 90 Sqm, It is known for being a beautiful resort in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. .


Iran is a vast country located in the southwest of Asia. A mountainous country, full of desert and eye – catching natures and ethnically diverse country. Iran is a country with climate diversity. At the winter Once you feel moderate weather in Ahvaz, your sister gets cold because of freezing weather in Ardebil.

In the past years the number of people who were eager to visit Iran has been increased. Iranian people are the most hospitable people in all over the world and they are eminent for that. Also, Iran has many historical places to visit, surely you heard about Takht – Jamshid, Kourosh tomb, Alisadr cave and etc.

We recommend you to come to Iran and visit this especial land.

tratment visa

In the recent years, due to the low cost of treatment & medical developments which Iran has been earned in compare with the other Persian Gulf regions, special attention has been paid to Iran by foreigners.
For this reason, kind of visa is issued which called Treatment Visa. By having this visa, a foreign patient could enter to Iran to get medical servic

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